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beleduc 2019

These products find place in the existing beleduc collection designed for smaller kids, from 0 to 3 years old.

They are 3 knob puzzles, 3 teethers and 3 hand-grasping toys. All the new items are characterized by the same colour palette and the same funny animals that are shown in every item of this collection. Each item is thought to help the development of small kids in an easy way.

Knob puzzles:

​Train: the animals are travelling on this funny train! The colourful illustrations are associated to the same images with the only outlines.

​Mom & baby: behind jungle parents are hiding their small babies. Association mom-baby animal according to shapes and colours.

​Hide & seek: the jungle animals are playing hide and seek! Surprise effect and colours-shapes association.

Hand grasping toys: the monkey and the hippo have round colourful bellies to rotate, while the elephant let you move its ears to train first motor skills.

​Teethers: the jungle friends in non-varnished wood are perfect to be bitten and help kids during teething time.

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