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beleduc 2019

The colourful lizards love to sunbathe and they are all relaxing on their favourite rock!

El Gecko is a wooden balance game, which I developed from concept to mass production. The aim of the game is very simple: stack the lizards one on top of the other, without making them fall.

This can be done through 6 different play modalities, using the detachable tilting base and the coloured dice.

With growing difficulty levels, the lizards can be stacked on the table (without the wooden base), using only the bottom half or the upper half of the base, each one with 2 different orientations, or the complete tilting base.

The game is designed to involve 1 to 6 kids, in a challenge or a cooperative play. The coloured dice can be used in these play modalities with rules, as an indication of the colour of the next lizard to stack during your turn.

El Gecko has been awarded with Spiel Gut in 2020.

spiel gut.jpg
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